"Call for Sites" Issued



As mentioned in the Parish Council's June Newsletter, there is a significant review taking place of regional planning policy - the Central Lancashire Local Plan (CLLP). 

Part of that process is a "Call for Sites". This is where anyone - landowner, business, statutory body or individual resident can put forward a site to be considered to be included in the Local Plan for development or protection.

The Parish Council will be studying potential sites and all the feedback you provided through the questionnaires. We are also hoping to gain specific details of how many properties the local council  would consider appropriate for Grimsargh to put forward in any Neighbourhood Plan. We will have to put forward some sites for proposed development - the Neighbourhood Plan cannot carry any weight without such. We will also be putting forward specific sites as being recommended to be protected.

If you want to add your voice to the official public consultation for the CLLP, we encourage you to go on to the website and submit your own proposals for sites:

Complete the form on the Central Lancashire website.