What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a way of helping local communities to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. It can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for your neighbourhood.
  • Choose where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built.
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces.
  • Influence what new buildings should look like.

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot circumvent National and Local Planning Policy, but it can enhance it.

The best way to find out all about Neighbourhood Planning is on the Government Planning Guidance website - you can access the relevant page here.

Preston City Council is actively supporting the development of Neighbourhood Plans in its region. There is one currently "made", for "Inner East Preston". You can find out more about this here. In addition to the one plan in the Borough that is "made" you'll note that, as well as Grimsargh, Broughton Parish are developing a Neighbourhood Plan - check out their website here. Members of our Parish Council meet with representatives of Broughton's regularly and exchange updates and views on the progress of our plans.

Other regions have had a greater level of activity on Neighbourhood Planning, notably Cheshire West and Chester - see their website on Neighbourhood Planning here. We noted particularly the plan of Tattenhall, which is not dissimilar in size to Grimsargh and has some very interesting elements contained. You can download the Tattenhal Neighbourhood Development Plan here.

If you are aware of any other good sample Neighbourhood Development Plans, please contact us, as we would love to share!