Preliminary Consultation - You Can Still Have Your Say

Our Village Our Future Poster With Frame

The initial public consultation drop-in on the 18th January sparked some really good discussion and interesting feedback. Many people took forms away to complete in the peace of their own homes, for family or friends.

We know some of you were unable to attend the event, but you can still take part. Download the prompt sheets that you would have read here

You can also download the response form here.

You can complete that form - the questions are only rough guides intended to inspire you - write whatever you wish and use additional sheets, as required. The form can then be put in an envelope, marked "Neighbourhood Plan" and posted through the Village Hall door.

Alternatively, email Sue Whittam with your views -

We will also be continuing to visit groups in the Village over the coming few weeks. 

We want to ensure you steer this Neighbourhood Plan right from the start.....